What do other people say about Boeshield T-9?
We just googled our product and found lots of testimonials on Boeshield T-9 Bicycle, please email us yours as well!

“Best lubricant I’ve used. Lasts 100-200 miles typically. I tried another lube thinking it might last longer on my commuter bike but switched back to T9 since it did a better job”

“After 10 years of experimentation, this has become my primary commuter lube.  It doesn’t attract dirt (like wet lubes) and keeps the drivetrain quiet”

“This stuff is way better than other bike lubes.  It bonds to the metal and all that techie stuff”

“I simply apply to the chain, let stand over night and wipe off the excess. It lasts for hundreds of miles. Amazingly does not pick up dirt. I also apply to my cables and shifters, great lubricant”

“The lube works great on my mountain bike chain. I’m one of the fanatics that places a drop on each link of the chain and catches the excess in a bottle”

“Resists Washing Off”

“Doesn’t get gummy”


Boeshield T-9 is also praised by printed media:

Powerboats Reports
“Our first choice in rust preventives”

 Yachting Magazine
“The clear winner”

 Practical Sailor Magazine
“Our first choice”
“Boeshield T-9 is the best buy for protecting metal brightwork”

Gun Tests magazine
“Our first choice”

The Aviation Consumer
“Great for corrosion control and it doesn’t muck up the wings with streaks”

Wood Magazine
“Except for the section treated with Boeshield T-9 all sections have completely rusted over”
“There is only one choice for protectant as far as we’re concerned: Boeshield T-9”