Can I safely use T-9® on the inside of my boats distributor cap and rotor also on the male on female pins of electrical plugs which would then be rejoined?

You can use our product inside the distributor and on both sides of electrical connectors. Although it is non-conductive, there is enough friction to break through the coating and make contact. It will also help lubricate the connection and keep corrosion out.

Can I spray T-9® under my car’s hood on the rust parts?

Boeshield T-9® works very well on all of the car parts you described. I spray on rusty hinges, bolts, and anywhere in the engine compartment. Do it about once per year, maybe twice in a salty environment.

Can I use T-9® on my garage door?

T-9® works very well on garage door hardware. I spray every pivot point, roller, spring, track, latch and hinge, then wipe off the excess. Do it about once a year and everything will work smoothly.

Can your product be used on cell phones to stop failure from immersion in water? This would be a great usage if possible!

T-9® should work well on the circuitry but should not be used on the keypad, as it is non-conductive and will prevent contact there.
I am looking for something to apply to my motorcycle rims. They are spun aluminum with no clear coating.

Will your products work against corrosion from the brake dust and road salt? Thanks

Our product should work well for protecting your rims. Wipe on a thin coating every month or two, or after you wash the bike. It also works very well on chains, cables, levers and anywhere else where you want to lubricate and prevent corrosion.

I am wondering if T-9® has silicone in it? I want to use it within a wood shop, and silicone is a no no for finishing.

T-9® contains no Silicone or Teflon. Instead it has a paraffin wax base which provides better lubrication and protection without interfering with subsequent finishes.

I have a fiberglass kayak that has a metal skeg cable assembly that slides through basically a tunnel of fiberglass within the kayak. Will Boeshield® soften, dissolve or affect fiberglass surfaces?

Boeshield® T-9 should have no adverse affect on the fiberglass, and should work well in this application.

I have a metal building that has the bottom 6’s grouted with cement. Water can and does seep between the metal and cement and rusts. Do you think this product will work for me?

It will certainly help by penetrating into the crevasses and sealing with a waxy film. You will probably have to re-apply every 6-12 months.
I have successfully used Rust Free™ on a variety of metals.

I would like to use it for cleaning my boat’s aluminum mast and spars but I am afraid it may discolor the finish. Can it be safely used on aluminum?

Rust Free™ is phosphoric acid based and should not be used on aluminum, since it will remove the outer anodizing and could attack the base metal as well. For heavy oxidation on aluminum it is best to use an abrasive pad such as Scotch-Brite, with a little Boeshield® T-9 as a cutting oil and subsequent surface protector.

I just purchased a gallon of T-9® to protect my boat and trailer in Florida (salt water). What is the best way to apply it out of the gallon? I started using your product to protect the fire axes on my department. It worked great.

The easiest way to spray it is using a “Windex” type bottle, or other pump sprayer. Keep in mind that Boeshield T-9® is solvent based and most of these pumps will not last for long. We suggest filling such containers with only what you need for each use, and put back what’s left over.

I received your product and my husband is very happy with it. If you could, please remove my name and address from your mailing list?

We don’t keep a mailing list, nor do we forward your inquiries to any other parties. We appreciate your concern for privacy…

I would like to purchase some of your Boeshield T-9®. Before I do, I need to make sure it will work. If I have already applied white lithium grease or WD40 to my boat trailer, will the T-9® adhere? Or do I have to degrease it before I apply T-9®? It sound like your product will work to protect all of my aluminum trailer, including the steel fasteners?

You should be able to spray our product over any previous coating without problems. it will simply dissolve whatever is there and form its own coating. It will then work very well to protect and lubricate all metal surfaces including steel and aluminum.

Is Boeshield T-9® ok to put on a all terrain vehicle snowplow for summer storage? Will it harm or ruin, the paint on snowplow?

This is great way to prevent rusting and it will not harm the paint.

Is T-9® safe on food-handling processes?

T-9® is not FDA approved and should not used near food products.

I’m looking for a sealer for a painted aluminum bench. Does this leave a greasy finish or is it recommended for metal lawn furniture?

Our product will help, and does not leave a greasy film if you wipe it off after applying. Of course the more film you leave on, the better the protection especially during storage. However, if you apply and wipe every month or so it should protect during everyday use.

I’m looking for a spray to put on my snowmobile engine and muffler to protect it from summer storage and rust build up. Will this harm anything and will it work? What happens in the fall when I start the sled up and the muffler gets hot? Will it splatter or look bad?

Our product should work well on the engine and exhaust, giving long term rust prevention. It will not harm anything and we’ve been using it in the same way on marine engines for 20+ years. When you restart the motor, it will vaporize off the muffler and should leave no lasting stain.

I’ve found your products highly recommended but hard to find. How about a list of distributors?

You should be able to find our products at all Sears full-line stores, West Marine stores, Woodcraft Supply stores, REI, Camping World, and other woodworking, RV, and bicycle shops. You can also order on our website or call us directly.

The heavy rains and a leak in the cabin on my boat left me with a bag full of rusty tools. I’m considering to remove the rust, then T-9® to protect the tools?

Do some scrubbing with a Scotch-Brite pad. Once clean, a thin coat of T-9® will give the protection you need.

We live facing the Pacific Ocean. Waves crash and mist comes up to our house. We have lived here less than one year and have had to sand and repaint our railing twice. Is this product going to help?

Our product will help a little but not enough to last more than 2-3 months. You need sandblasting and a good epoxy paint. Or replace the railing with one made of stainless steel or plastic.

You recommend spraying T-9® on engines. Yet the product is listed as flammable. Is it safe for this application?

The propellant is similar to butane and extremely flammable. Once the solvent evaporates the coating has no flammability. So the best way to use it on an engine is when its warm but not running, then allow a few hours to dry.